Sunday, April 14, 2019

Casual Outfit of the Day - a Stay-at-Home Mom's Version of Sexy


About the Casual Outfit

Stay-at-home moms can look sexy too, right? We just do it subtly, like wearing something both casual and wild. Today, I put on a leopard-printed shirt with the ultimate symbols of comfort -- leggings and boots. Somehow, the outfit worked.

Also, the top is made of velvet. It felt soft and smooth. It's a little oversized, which is why I layered it on top of a long tank.

About the Day

This was Friday, another surprisingly sunny day. We live in Seattle, by the way. It rarely gets sunny here.

The day was eventful and exhausting. After a long bus and train ride to the International District, the kids and I attended bilingual school, had lunch and bubble tea with friends, and searched frantically for a lost doll. Unfortunately, we did not find my daughter's beloved "Baby Sandy," which she left at the grocery store last week. But we did pick up a delicious maple bar to compensate.

Knowing that I worked hard all day, my sweet husband took over child care duties so I can go to the gym -- and I just love ending the day with a satisfying workout.

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